Particulars to be stated in invoice other than tax invoice, cash memo, or bill.

92. (1) Every dealer to whom the provisions of rule 91 does not apply, shall issue an invoice, cash memo or bill, when he sells any goods whether taxable or tax-free, to any person:

Provided that a dealer, referred to in sub-section (3) of section 64, who has not become liable to pay tax under the Act may not issue such invoice, cash memo or bill if he sells any goods not exceeding one hundred rupees in one transaction.

(2) Every invoice, cash memo or bill, including that generated by any mechanical device, shall be issued with the original, marked "Original - Buyer's copy", which shall be delivered to the buyer and the copy marked "Seller's copy", shall be retained by the seller as a document.

(3) The invoice, cash memo or bill, to be issued by a dealer for a particular accounting year, shall be serially numbered which shall not be altered, or removed or replaced, or erased under any circumstances.

(4) Every dealer referred to in sub-section (2) or sub section (3) of section 64 shall, while issuing an invoice, cash memo or bill as required by the provisions of those subsections, show in such invoice, cash memo, or bill, inter alia, the following particulars:-

(a) name and full postal address of the selling dealer;

(b) telephone number, e-mail address, fax number, if any, of the selling dealer;

(c) name and full postal address of the purchasing dealer;

(d) registration certificate number of the purchasing dealer where the purchasing dealer is registered under the Act;

(e) date of sale;

(f) date of challan or despatch, as the case may be;

(g) description, quantity and sale-price of goods sold;

(h) rate and amount of tax charged in respect of taxable goods in respect of dealers covered under sub-section (2) of section 64;

(i) total amount of the bill; and

(j) signature of the selling dealer or his regular employee, duly authorised by him for such purpose.

Provided that where the purchasing dealer, notwithstanding that he is not registered under the Act, insists on mentioning his name, address etc. on the invoice, or cash memo, or bill, the selling dealer shall record the same thereon.

(5) Any invoice, cash memo or bill damaged, mutilated or cancelled for any reason whatsoever, must be kept by the dealer for examination by the assessing officer or audit officer.